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"TwosDay" February 2/22/22

See the WFMZ article about "TwosDay" activities across the Lehigh Valley. 

Article excerpt: 

Across the Lehigh Valley, a little more than 2.2 miles away from Route 222, the kids at Hiram W. Dodd Elementary school in Allentown are doubling down in the classroom.

"It's just a fun day to celebrate, anything for our kids to be able to be excited about," said Dodd Principal Kate Griffin. "And then also incorporating math, it's good for everybody."

While these 1st graders may not realize it now, it's a very special day for them.

Not just because they get to wear cool paper crowns, or that it's a palindrome date, a day considered lucky by some because it's the same backward and forward. It's also because of what they are actually doing while in the classroom.

"They're going to do a writing today and they'll put it in an envelope and it says open on 3.3.33," said teacher Tiffany Bixler.

By the time 2033 rolls around, these kids will be seniors in high school.