Hiram DoddElementary School


Historical Facts

Erected: 1956
Renovations/Additions: 1963
Sq. Footage: 72,619

Hiram W. Dodd Elementary School stands as a living witness to the ideals of Allentown’s fifth superintendent of schools.  Dr. Hiram W. Dodd was superintendent of schools in Allentown from 1916-1936 and was considered an outstanding leader and champion in the cause of education for exceptional children.

Hiram W. Dodd School was dedicated on November 8, 1956 as the first Allentown elementary school containing complete facilities for students with disabilities, housing grades K-6.

In 1964, a west wing was added to accommodate the growing Mountainville population.  Children from the Wilson School area (demolished in 2006) were welcomed as the school boundary moved eastward in 1983.  An elevator was added to give students with disabilities better access to all rooms and facilities.

Dodd has received numerous awards for outstanding academic and artistic performance, the Lucent Technology Award and grants from Binney & Smith, Walmart and Research for Better Schools.  Dodd has worked with organizations such as The American Heart Association, The Leukemia Society, The Morning Call, Adult Literacy, America Reads and NEA.