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From left to right Mrs. Alatzas Room 131, Mrs Lint Room 233, Mrs. Williams Room 231,
Mr G. Room 235, Mrs Brennan Room 134
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I have had the privilege of teaching Allentown students since 2005 in grades K-5.  These years of service in all grade levels has given me a plethora of knowledge and experience.  I am married and have 2 kids in middle school and a 5 year old Maltipo named Max.  I encourage and support my children in their sports and love spending time with my family and friends.  My wish is for this school year is for all my students. their families, and my colleagues to have a safe and enjoyable school year filled with enjoyment in learning and the ability to overcome the challenges that might come our way. --Jennifer Alatzas, M. Ed./M. EdL.

I am Ms. Lint and I teach second grade.  I have been teaching in Allentown for over 21 years and have taught several different grades.  Second grade is my favorite grade to teach.  I graduated from West Chester University.  I have one very active and curious son.  I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.  My goals this year are to help my students grow and learn, to keep them safe, and to have fun.  I’m so excited to be back in school with students and my colleagues. 

I am Mrs. Williams and I teach second grade. This year marks my 11th year in education. I have taught Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, and English Language Learners. I loved teaching each grade, but I feel at home in second grade. I started my teaching career in Philadelphia after attending Temple University. I chose to move back here to be close to family. I am married, I have a beautiful 2 year old daughter named Luna and 2 dogs. I look forward to helping each of my students learn and grow this year.

I have had the pleasure of working in Allentown for 14 years. I have taught many grades but found my love for second grade in 2019 when I switched from Kindergarten. During my tenure here at Dodd, I earned my Masters in Reading and my certification as a Reading Specialist. I am married and have two boys and one girl. I love watching them grow and make gains as they navigate this wild and crazy world (of sports). I love being at the beach hunting for seashells. It is my happy place! Every year I like to tell my parents and students that “not only is it my goal to educate, but it is my goal to  instill a love of learning in my students.” I want them to “want” to come to school! --Mr. G.

This year is my 27th year in education and 7th in the Allentown School District!  My goal is to keep learning fun, keep my students engaged and continue loving what I do. I am a mom to three older kids- my oldest Sophie is a Junior at Simmons University in Boston studying international law, my middle daughter Olivia is a Freshman at Wesleyan studying biology and my son Sam is in 10th grade. He's in the marching band and I enjoy watching him on Friday nights at football games. I am also a swim coach for Parkland and love anything dealing with or around water. My wish is for all of my family, friends, students and colleagues to have a successful, healthy school year. --Becky Brennan