1st Grade Teachers

Mrs. Kimble, Mrs. Bixler, Ms. Wilburn, Mrs. Soldrich, and Mrs. Rodriguiz

1st grade group photo
From left to right: Mrs. Solderich Room 240, Mrs. Bixler Room 221, Ms. Rodriguez Room 220,
Mrs. Kimble Room 212, Ms. Wilburn Room 241

I started teaching 21 years ago. I have been at Dodd for 20 years, 4 years in 4th grade and 16 years in 1st grade.  I love spending time with my husband, our four children and our bunny.  I enjoy reading and spending time at the beach.  I am looking forward to helping my students grow in reading and math.  It’s going to be a wonderful year to make new friends in Room 240!
--Mrs. Solderich

I was born and raised in Allentown. I went to Dodd, South Mountain and Allen High School. I am married, have 4 children and an English Bulldog. I enjoy shopping at Target, reading books, and going to the beach. I love candy (Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, and Swedish Fish) and energy drinks (Reign, Rockstar, Bang, etc.). 
-- Mrs. Bixler

My greatest passion lies in teaching and learning alongside my students. Over the past four years as an educator, (3 at Dodd), I've discovered immense joy in helping young minds grasp new concepts.  I strive to cultivate a love for literacy and an environment where curiosity thrives every day. 
Ms. Rodriguez


This is my third year teaching at Dodd after being a substitute teacher for eight years.  I am married, I have a set of twin girls, I am a twin (my twin is Miss Scherman who teaches at Dodd, too), and I love Disney.  This year my goal is to help my students not only grow academically, but also socially and emotionally.
-- Mrs.  Kimble

I am starting my 32nd year as an educator.  I have taught in ASD for all 32 of my years, starting at Washington, then moving on to Sheridan, and finally landing here at my home away from home, Dodd. I love Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and my Rottweiler named Natasha, after the Marvel character Black Widow.  My goal for this year is to meet my students where they’re at instructionally and help them grow as much as possible while they’re with me, both academically and emotionally.
-- Ms. Wilburn